Patriot Nurse, SHTF Class

I think that it is important for us to be honest when we say that first aid for many people has become a word which is only associated with the part of their kit which contains bandages and ibuprofen, however the biggest part of that kit is the skill and knowledge to implement those devices in an emergency. There are many levels of first aid, and it is imperative to have someone who can explain things in a clear and concise way for people on all levels of familiarity with the subject. Patriot Nurse does an excellent job of being able to explain things in such a manner, and also is able to present the information in a manner which keeps her classes fun and interesting.

We have seen over and over again examples of how the first responder system can easily become overwhelmed, and when it is many people die. This class is geared toward those eventualities, and does an extremely good job of explaining how to prepare for these situations and how to handle them if they do happen. In a SHTF scenario one of the things which kills people the fastest is poor decision making, and a class like this can go a long way to giving you the skills to best deal with a disaster. With those skills come not only a confidence to use them but also it goes a long way to allowing you to keep your head in a time when many around you will be falling apart. It is an absolute universal truth that those who keep their heads in a stressful situation are the ones who always come out on top.

This is a specific class which is geared towards a specific topic so it is also advised that you take other first aid classes to supplement your skills in rendering aid. The SHTF class is designed to help you prepare with the proper knowledge of what equipment and skills you will need in a time when outside help is unavailable. When someone is injured in front of you will you have the confidence to pull out your kit and know how to use it properly? Can you take care of your children or the elderly when help is days away? These are all things which need to be considered when dealing with SHTF scenarios and Patriot Nurse does an excellent job of bringing up those issues so that you don’t wait until its too late to address them.

In my opinion this is knowledge that everyone should have. We have recently witnessed devastating events such as Katrina, Fukashima, and Sumatra completely overwhelm any ability to quickly deliver help to people who need it. The reason we need these classes is because disaster is never something that we schedule on our calanders and when it hits it is too late to be prepared. Patriot Nurses class is outstanding and informational and she is a great resource for information on all types of medical issues. From her classes to her Youtube channel she provides a wealth of information which is invaluable in a time of crisis.